Place Stanislas, Place d’Alliance, Place de la Carrière : three squares, three works of art, three unique monuments which together are inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau

The artistic movement Art Nouveau flourished in Nancy and across Europe from the late 19th century, its influence is particularly visible in Nancy architecture.



If you are searching for options for an evening out, you will always find what you are looking for in Nancy! Bars, restaurants, theatres, concerts, nightclubs, bowling…

Be charmed by Nancy

Be charmed by Nancy

Fairytale cobbled streets, elaborately decorated monuments, a village atmosphere in the centre city and the surrounds, Nancy’s personality always shines through.



Nancy is a surrounded by forest, green rolling hills and winding rivers. It is green and leafy, with a botanic culture.



Discover the flavours behind Lorraine’s reputation for quality produce, products and dining options. Why not tour the markets or take a cooking class?



Love to shop ? In Nancy you can shop ‘til you drop! From food to fashion, ornaments, art, world renowned glassware or souvenirs, you will always find what you are looking for!



Business events, conferences and conventions. Nancy has all the required assets, right in the heart of the city, to make your event world class.


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Bergamotes de Nancy

Nancy has long been renowned for its traditional Macaroons and its superb amber coloured sweets, Bergamotes. However, there are many other specialities, sweet and savoury, edible or drinkable, to add to the list making a trip to Nancy a necessary addition to any visit to France!

Specialities on the sweeter side include:

·         Mirabelle Plums, used in tarts, sauces, jams, spirits and liquors.

·         Saint Epvre, two disks of almond meringue, sandwiched together with vanilla cream and nougat then dusted with icing sugar.

·         Duchesse de Lorraine, a small sweet made of almond and walnut praline, wrapped in green-pistachio coloured royal icing.

·         Pain d’Epices, heavenly aromatic spiced bread.

·         Chocolates of all shapes and sizes.

·         Gateau de Nancy, a melt-in-your-mouth style chocolate cake.

Nancy and the surrounding areas abound in patisseries, confectioners and chocolatiers to explore.

The list of savoury specialities is just as impressive, leading with, of course, the Quiche Lorraine. True Quiche Lorraine is made without cheese (!) It is a rich and mouth-watering combination of crusty pastry, smoky bacon, cream and eggs.

Other savoury dishes include:

·         The famous Pâté Lorraine, an irresistible dish of wine soaked meat cooked in flakey pastry.

·         Bouches à la Reine, vol-au-vent pastry shells filled with a creamy combination of meat and mushrooms, a legacy from the reign of Stanislas.

·         The delicious charcuterie Lorraine, a platter including sausages, hams, pâtés and terrines.

·         The Potée Lorraine, a cabbage, carrot, sausage and meat stew.

·         Choucroute or Sauerkraut (not only from Alsace), usually served with a selection of meats.

·         Endless combinations of venison or river fish cooked with seasonal vegetables and fruits, sourced locally of course! 

You can purchase all the ingredients you need to recreate these delicacies at our local markets, or directly at farm-gates and orchards. Why not begin at the Central Market, in the heart of the New Town?

Alternatively, you can find these delicacies throughout Nancy in our many superb restaurants. Some focus specifically on local and regional cuisine while some have a broader French influence. There are also a number of other options ranging from international restaurants to sellers of fresh, crusty baguettes with your choice of filling (particularly reputable with the local student population!).

From fine dining in starred restaurants, to a visit to the local Fromager (cheese monger), Boulanger (baker) or Charcutier (meat products), there are options for everybody in Nancy and surrounds, and available at all price points.

Nancy is also home to many excellent cellars and wine bars where you can discover finest drops of the Lorraine region including those from Toul and Metz.

Enjoy the discovery and Bon Appétit! 


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